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Orange Mike's Bemusements

Bemusements of a Perpetually Visible Fan

25 November
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"Rude wit, a lively sense of the grotesque, a disgust for sham, and a contempt for pettiness."

I am not the champion of lost causes, but the champion of causes not yet won.
"weird al" yankovic, ad&d, alternative history, anarchism, babylon 5, being an old leftie, beverly deweese, black adder, blackadder, book collecting, book reviewing, book stores, books, bookstores, buckaroo banzai, charles addams, chattacon, cheese, civil liberties, class, cons, corflu, darlene p coltrain, democracy for america, democratic party, dumpster diving, editorial cartoons, edward gorey, esperanto, fan history, fandom, fantasy, fanzines, feminism, feminist science fiction, fighting censorship, firefly, frank zappa, freedom, geek culture, geekery, geeks, geeky women, government, great dark horde, h. p. lovecraft, h.p. lovecraft, harlan ellison, heinlein, heraldry, hippies, history, howard dean for president, ireland, iww, james tiptree jr award, jo walton, john m. ford, kissing, laadan, labor, labor history, labor unions, leslie charteris, leslie fish, libraries, lois mcmaster bujold, lovecraft, lytheria, macintosh, macintosh computers, melissa scott, milwaukee, monty python, national writers union, nerd girls, non-coercive parenting, pamela dean, patricia wrede, peace, plokta, political satire, political science, politics, public transit, quakerism, rasff, rassef, rasseff, reading, rec.arts.sf.fandom, religious society of friends, repo man, rocky horror picture show, samuel r. delany, sausage, sca, science fiction, science fiction conventions, science fiction fandom, science fiction fanzines, science fiction literature, scrabble, secret feminist cabal, sf, sf & f, sf conventions, sf fandom, sf3, sflis, shel silverstein, social justice, socialism, space exploration, speculative fiction, steven brust, subverting the dominant paradigm, suzette haden elgin, syndicalism, taking back my country, tanya huff, the 60's, the marx brothers, the princess bride, the west wing, thorne smith, thrift stores, tolkien, tom lehrer, trina robbins, unionism, unions, university of wisconsin-milwaukee, urban legends, used book stores, used books, used bookshops, used bookstores, uwm, vonda mcintyre, weird al, wiscon, wisconsin, wobblies, women, words, worldcon, writing, writing nonfiction, zappa